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Monday, December 3, 2007

With a Little Help from My Friends

Well, I wanted to free up space on this lil blog o'mine, so I took down my Beatle's poll. I had 14 people participate and here are the results:

Who is your favorite Beatle? John Lennon is the winner with 50% (7) of the votes, followed by Paul McCartney with 28% (4), George Harrison with 14% (2), and Ringo Starr with 7% (1 measley vote).

So, who did I vote for? "I, Me, Mine??" Hmmm...."I Forget to Remember to Forget." "I Want to Tell You." "If I Needed Someone." Or "Something." "Don't Bother Me." "Think for Yourself."

I am hoping to think of another "pop culture"-themed poll to add soon. Any suggestions??

Friday, November 30, 2007


Hey, 10 Things Team! Please look over my blog and make sure I've successfully completed each step.

This has been a great experience, and I look forward to what's in store at Staff Day 2007. I'm also thinking of keeping this blog going. Don't worry, I'm still not planning on "wearing my heart on my computer screen." It just seems like a good forum for me to express my professional and technological growth as well as share resources with others.

Until my next post!

THING 5 -- Flickr and Photo Sharing

I knew this step would be quick, but convoluted. This has been the only one I have had to turn to someone for help...fortunately, I share a "suite" with the lovely Ruth in Youth. I got my picture up and all is well.

Believe it or not, I already had a Flickr account, but I've only used it for posting comments to friends' photos. I'm still undecided as to whether I will ever post pics of my own. I guess I could always set them as private...who knows!

The Library has been using this for some time, and I think it has been great way to publicize and showcase our great programs, collections, and facility. As a matter of fact, those could be some of the tags we use, as well as Adult Services and Youth Services.

Mandy's Canine Soulmate

Mandy's Canine Soulmate
Originally uploaded by theskokieten
This is my lovely "little brother" Wilbur. I also have a cute new "brother" Django (whose picture I will have to post), but I wanted to give a shout-out to My Sweet Poochini first. Django has been getting too much attention lately!

THE LAST THING -- THING 5 -- Shudder and Shutter!!!

I shudder to think that I will be uploading a picture within the next 15 hours. I am no shutterbug and actually am morally opposed to the science of photography. OK, I'm not really that extreme, but I just hate having MY picture taken, so I feel obligated to pretend that it has a basis in my personal convictions, rather than the simple fact that I'm not photogenic. Now you know I wasn't just saving the best for last.

PHOTOS (but not of me) COMING VERY SOON!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

THING 10 -- Virtual Library Branch

Skokie Public Library's Web site has been part of my life for more than 8.5 years. See, I feel as a Library employee, it is part of my job to be aware of the site and its many features. This isn't to say that I'm not surprised numerous times throughout the year at some of the great additions that just seem to magically appear on our site. Actually, I know "magic is just an illusion" and a lot of hard work goes into our wonderful site. The Skokie toolbar now gets just as much use as my Google toolbar.

I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have never downloaded an e-book before this experience. I spend a lot of time reading on computer screens for work and freelancing, so I prefer not to read for pleasure on the screen. Plus, I am one of those people who loves the actual experience of holding and feeling a book as well as reading it -- in other words, I am a kinesthetic learner. I do like the idea of e-books for textbooks or reference materials. Instead of buying a bulky textbook, students could merely subscribe to e-books for the length of class. I'm sure this would help med students, law students, or others who have to consult about 10 different books for a single class. I know they'd like to own some of the books, but they can make that determination after they've paid for a semester-long "subscription" to each of the books needed for that semester. I also am glad to see we have some Cliffs Notes in e-book format...COOL! This is the only way I'd really be able to read fiction e-books.

There are so many great databases on out Web site. I love Live Homework Help (Tutor.com). This is really helpful to the public as well as the librarians. It offers us an alternative to just saying, "No, we cannot help with homework." Some of my other favorites (for professional, personal, or both uses) are: Books in Print, the NewsBank archives, Children's Literature Comprehensive Database, Corporate Affiliations, CQ Researcher, CultureGrams, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Kids Search, MEDLINE, NoveList, Public Records Electronic Database, Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries®, TeachingBooks.net, The TumbleBook Library for Kids, and World Book Online. PHEW!

I guess I am biased when I say we have a great Web site. I'm sure there are areas in which we could still grow, but none come to mind. I did explore some of the Web site's on Library Success' library web site hall of fame. I'm underwhelmed. With the recent addition of IM services, I think our Library is more than "Keeping up with the Joneses" technology-wise. And with this 1o Things initiative, I'm glad to see so many staff members are, too!!

Now, I just need to go back to Thing 5, upload a photo, and experience Flickr and I will be as on the ball as all the rest of those who've completed the journey!

THING 9 -- Google Tools - Online Productivity

I've played around with Google Docs before. It is nice for basic file transfering, especially when I don't have a flash drive handy. Mostly I've used it for basic documents, but today I also played around with the spreadsheet and presentation functions. I still prefer Microsoft Office products better, but since I don't have Excel or PowerPoint on my home computer, these are nice, simple options for me. Of course, part of the reason I do not own either of these software applications is because I rarely use them. This may change, now that I had fun with Google Docs online.

I also think the applications may be useful for our Library users. Many of them use our resources because they do not have certain capabilities at home. I've spoken with many kids who have Microsoft Office software, but not the Internet. Similarly, I've spoken to kids who have the Internet, but no word processing or other application software (for shame, yes, I know). This is a helpful tool for them to create and later retrieve documents.

Ah, yes, 1o Things Team, here you go once again...giving me still another exercise that helps me on two levels: personally AND professionally for myself and the patrons. If I wore a hat, I'd tip it to all four of you!